Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Stephen Hawking appeals for facilitation of disability and ICT: UNESCO Executive Board considers

Following an audio/visual appeal by Stephen Hawking - without ICTs I would not be able to communicate my research... #UNESCO Executive Board considers recommendations of the New Delhi Declaration on inclusive ICTs for persons with: Making empowerment a reality  @krisramp, @lolleaves, @glocalpot @UN @UNESCO #Demokrissy #UNESCO #196ExB,
See link ...A Brief History of a Time I Encountered Stephen Hawking  http://kris-rampersad.blogspot.fr/2015/04/a-brief-history-of-time-i-encountered.html

A Brief History of a Time I encountered Stephen Hawking or a glocal culturally simplistic challenge to the scientific theory of everything

You might say I was motor-challenged myself - a co-incidence of space and time or a confluence of coincidences, or a conspiration of global forces that culminated in this headlong collision with Stephen Hawking.
As brief in history as it was in current as well as in the vast time scale of universal occurrences, it remains indelibly impressed on memory as it must be on the memory of the world because of its momentous nature.
A beautiful day in spring in the fork in the part between the river Cam...
Picture it. Cambridge 19.....

more soon ...A Brief History of a Time i encountered  Stephen Hawkings or a glocal culturally simplistic challenge to the scientific theory of everything

Friday, April 17, 2015

UNESCO grapples with Budget constraints

Stringent economic times, suspension of US funding and increased programme workload challenge members of the UNESCO Executive Board to maintain standards and quality of services in core programme areas of education, science, culture, information and communications and priority areas of Gender, Small island Developing States, Africa, Youth and Rethinking Development  at joint sitting of Programme and External Relations and Finance Commission. Trinidad and Tobago co chairs session with Chair of Finance Commission @krisramp, @lolleaves, @glocalpot, @UNESCO @UN #Demokrissy, #LeavesofLife

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Global Citizenship An Island Is A World

Global Citzenship in focus. teaching and learning about our place in the world... a pivotal point to changing outlooks in post 2015 sustainable development agenda - the pre midnight session at UNESCO Executive Board 196th session. Programme and External Affairs Commission...
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Shouldnt learning be without fear

Learning without fear  UNESCO moves to make schools safe zones and promote actions to eliminate gender based violence in schools ...another late evening session of UNESCO Executive Board Programmes and External Relations Commission Chaired by Mexico, Co-Chaired by Trinidad and Tobago...
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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Freedom of Expression Internet Issues at UNESCO Executive Board

Trinidad and Tobago vice-chairs Programme and External Affairs Commission (PX): UNESCO's actions for freedom of information and expression and the range of issues surrounding the internet, knowledge sharing, privacy and information ethics and relationship with World Summit of Information Society in context of post 2015 sustainable development agenda  under consideration by the Programmes and External Relations Commission of UNESCO at the late evening sitting of the 196th Session of the UNESCO Executive Board. Connecting the Dots: Options for Future Action.
The Trinidad and Tobago Representative is media, cultural and literary educator/consultant Dr Kris Rampersad
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Global Education Report Launched @UNESCO

Trinidad and Tobago presents successes and challenges in activities in relation to Education For All #MDG. Presents model for targetting literacy through #LeadingforLiteracy targettimg school principals inspired by Director General's 10,000 Principal Leaders programmme and national #DecadeforLiteracy of #TrinidadandTobago National Commission through UNESCO #ParticipationProgramne.

Identifies challenges of #LeadingforNumeracy in context of technologically driven world and education challenges posed to children of countries which are net consumers rather than producers of technology and challenges posed to education in science and mathematics....

#UNESCO #NationalCommissions at #196ExB UNESCO Executive Board examine newly launched Global Education For All Monitoring Report 2015.
Most progress towards primary educatiion but 57 million children worldwide still without...least attention paid to #literacy...more...

Thursday, April 9, 2015

UNESCO special committee at #196Executive Board

Special Committee of #UNESCO Executive Board #196 considers opening up process on election of Director General. Score one for global #Demokrissy #LeavesofLife #GlocalKnowledgePot @krisramp @lolleaves @glocalpot