Sunday, December 18, 2016

Unpresidented unPresidential Post Truths and other Unprecedented Acts of Stealing Literarily returns

Will Donald Trump be unPresidented as the Electoral College vote the US President into office? Now that will be unpresidentally unprecedented....
It might be unpresidented for a President (elect) of one of the largest official English-language speaking democracies in the world to not know how to spell/pronounce and one wonders understand the word unprecedented.

It stirs my spirit to resurrect LITERARILY by Dr Krisa series of literary interpretations of contemporary terms. Some of these were featured on the Editorial page of the Sunday Guardian. Meant to stir minds into examining attitudes, habits and behaviours, or just for a good ole chuckle as the word Democracy featured here.
Here I suggest Literarily meanings and interpretations for this and other new words and terms. Stay tuned for interpretations of new and not so words Post-Truths and Bigly:

Unpresidented: A word used by a US President (elect) on 12/17///2016 in Tweet: “China steals United States Navy research drone in international waters – rips it out of water and takes to China in unpresidented act.”
My literarily interpretation of both the unpresidented act by the President elect and the Chinese is as follows:

Adj:  Unpresidented: describes an act which cannot be pronounced in Chinese which may force an unprecedented trade war in a new alignment of global powers where traditional buddies get to pick new teams and allies.
Noun: Unpresidented may also allude to the nebulous state of being elected to office in unpresidented circumstances that leaves one unsure and somewhat fazed or dazed about whether one will indeed hold the office and if so for how long;

Verb: Unpresidented may refer to generally inexplicable acts of voters to place persons who may not necessarily act in their best interests in high office.
Such unpresidented acts may result in situations in which farcical democratic political practices allot the popular vote to one's opponent while one is not quite sure what one has won as even the Electoral College/authority may contemplate overturning such elected status.
Unpresidented may also be used in reference to conditions where the electoral processes themselves come under scrutiny, are accused of being stolen and the credibility of the electoral body, electoral authority and electoral processes are questioned as unpresidented.    

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