Saturday, March 7, 2015

Happy Phagwa Holi as only Trinidad and Tobago can

....My first live encounter with Sir Ellis was when I was about ten, holder of a pichakaree filled with colourful abeer liquid one sunny Phagwa/Holi harvest festival day. I couldn't resist breaking ranks against official warning to only gentilly spray abeer on his garments, especially as his bald head seemed in need of liquid relief from the stinging Trini sunshine. He entertained the wetting goodnaturedly, as anyone from Carnival country (you cyar play mas' and 'fraid powder) will, whipping out his pristine white handkerchief to mop up the colourful liquid rolling down his face.
I reminded him of the incident many moons later, and just a few months before his passing as he poured me a cup of tea while we..... read more:

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