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A philosophy to begin the year good morning neighbour happy new year ..now to carnival 2014


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#Toronto on ice

Sunday, December 22, 2013

#Toronto on ice

White Christmas turned blue ....friends, relatives and acquaintainces in Toronto and in Canada pls check in...

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Motion for a global resolution for peace guided by the #MadibaConscience - the answer to national and regional progress

Be it resolved that from this day hence all Caribbean And Trinidad and Tobago and CARICOM parliaments will sit in conciliatory developmental sessions on board the Nelson Mandela peace and reconciliation airbus of Caribbean Airlines. As the Caribbean is also keen on promoting world peace, the airbus will be available to any head of state or government or opposition of the Americas - now why didnt Barrack Obama and American Airlines with their floundering images and public perception on their global leadership think of that - as well as the African Pacific countries, the European Union, Organisation of American States and the Commonwealth too, ent #Lizzie,for a nominal fee calculated against the real costs of conflict and war... so we could build #Trinidad and Tobago's economy and society with innovative thinking #KamlaPersadBissessar and KeithRowley
... If that's what it takes to get our politicians on the same page for national and regional development then let all national and regional parliaments and caricom meetings be held on the Caricom-Mandela airbus of Caribbean Airlines. There is hope yet that #Mandela's message of peace and reconciliation would live beyond his grave and we could focus on progressive development .... forward ever...


I was dreading dusting off my library to make room for another 100-plus books I acquired this year. It's turning out to be a most enjoyable experience....I'm rediscovering my travel writings through Japan 1988; India, 1997; Europe, 1999; Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean since 2000 plus... against background of music collection some little known acquired from all these cultures...and my favorite books...now back to such enjoyable dusting....more...

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Gift T&T Gift LiTTscapes - Landscapes of Fiction from Trinidad and Tobago

Give a Gift of Trinidad and Tobago and of Caribbean life and styles.
Gift T&T - LiTTscapes - Landscapes of Fiction from Trinidad and Tobago

The #Madiba conscience - rest in peace #NelsonMandela

FOR MY FRIEND  MICHAEL ALS...who embodied the MADIBA CONSCIENCE. You too RIP and thank you for the support, cheering me on and lending your spirit and courage in times of despondence 

One less conscience to the world has gone at a time when we need more men and women of conscience. May his thoughts and actions that swayed our consciousness to recognise our humanism live on. Rest in Peace Madiba. I had met Nelson Mandela at a peace rally in Hyde Park in London, a concert for his 90th birthday, a few years ago with my friend, a leader of a global civil society empowerment movement whose social conscience was nurtured in the bowels of the civil rights movement when he was growing up in South Africa.
Nelson Mandela, already a legend, the material of myth, in the flesh and so much humility and so much warmth that there was nothing overtly discernible, though much unfathomable, that suggested that this was a man who brought all the world to reexamine its conscience and its humanism. The dismantling of apathied was just one element of his impact; He swayed the world.
Today his conscience drives our global movement for social justice and transformation; the one that had us pulling the threads of global consciousness through the holiday mood burning the midnight oil on the eve of one Christmas eve to stir public opinion for the release of prisoners of conscience of Ethiopia, wrongfully imprisoned for working for social justice. We worked round the clock hoping to have them released so that they could spend Christmas with their families and not in a jail cell as they had for the previous three years; as Mandela himself had.
Sitting in a small island in the Caribbean, in Trinidad behind a phone and email, waking up friends in the global media and global civil society organisations and institutions, to stir their populations to move their governments to pressure the Ethiopian regime, posting on social networks and the sites of those who could move conscience into action .. the work goes on...
My friend, one of Mandela's proteges has not been able to keep himself out of jail not then in the aparthied struggle as a civil rights activist for oppressed people and not now for people threatened by all the economic and political and social injustices we see transferred into threats to the environment and livelihoods of people still living in poverty and squalor in the face of wastage of the world's wealth. In demanding social justice for those who do not have a voice, many regimes - corporations, governments, those who believe they hold the reigns of power - still try to snuff out the Madiba conscience in so many intrusive and inobstrusive ways - As I recounted experiences like these to a ministry seminar earlier this year- invited to talk about social justice - and identifying how misguided, illconceived and ill advised some of our bureaucratic focus were for, presumably, advancing equity and social justice (coincidentally it was Nelson Mandela (birth)Day), I was virtually hustled away from the podium and the room by the organisers.... the quest for social justice can be muted but it would not die.
Aparthied as a political construct in South Africa has been dismantled but not demolished. It is still vibrant in the class divisions and in many of the social practices if not systems - in the now class- based disparities evident in the slums of Johannesburg and Delhi and the Beetham and Marabella too...
Mandela's was a quest for personal peace through finding freedom for his people that became a part of the global movement for world peace too. I had found some of that peace and awe of the freedom fighters spawned on South African soil at the hero's park in Cape Town.... awe, peace and reverence that contrasted with the place I came from - where the sense of reverence has been ridiculed to oblivion by centuries of conditioning of inferiority and dependence and unfreedom ...and where, with yet unfree consciousness, of our peoples and politicians devote unconditional time and energies in tearing up, pulling down and destroying each other and often in the name of social justice .... a place where we have no heroes, or at best, want to believe they are all dead....
There is so much we can learn, so much we can do to keep the conscience alive just by being better humans.
The Madiba conscience lives on and so he may rest in peace....

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Trinidad and Tobago invites UNESCO to experience multiculturalism

T&T offers multicultural experience to UNESCO’s New Humanism thrust
Takes its seat on UNESCO Executive Board at 193rd meeting in Paris

Trinidad and Tobago has offered to share its knowledge and experiences of multiculturalism and diversity management with the global UNESCO community, as it took its seat on the Executive Board of UNESCO for the first time in 16 years.
Congratulating the representative from Egypt, Mr Mohamed Sameh Amr, a lawyer, as the uncontested newly-appointed Chair of the Executive Board at its 193rd meeting, Dr Kris Rampersad, Chair of the T&T National Commission for UNESCO who represented Trinidad and Tobago, stated:
“On behalf of Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean Economic Community of which Trinidad and Tobago is the current Chair and our Latin American associates, we pledge to work with you to promote and expand UNESCO’s vision of building a culture of peace in the minds of men and women.
“We look forward to benefitting from your knowledge, and we also offer our humble experiences in peacefully managing the diversity of virtually all the cultures of the world from within our very small island space where multiculturalism is alive and well - comprising our indigenous peoples of the Americas as well as the migrants from Europe: Spanish, French, Dutch, Britain, Africa, India, China, Syria, Lebanon and other parts of the globe.”
To the new Chair and Board; the new President to the UNESCO General Assembly, Mr. Hao Ping from China, re-elected Director General Mrs Irina Bokova and staff and associates of UNESCO present at the meeting, she said: “We are committed to working with you and the Executive Board towards projecting the vision of the Director General for a New Humanism, that will return our priorities to people-centred development, inclusivity, equity and freedom and fairness for all.”
Rampersad thanked and congratulated the outgoing Chair, Ms Alissandra Cummins of Barbados for flying the region’s flag high.
Noting the Caribbean’s extended ties through its diasporas with the various UNESCO regions, Rampersad pointed out the absence of the Caribbean community in a Higher Education initiative involving Africa and reminded UNESCO to remember in such initiatives the significant diasporas in the Caribbean region that were trying to evolve culturally-sensitive education actions. This was during the Executive Board’s examination of preliminary programmes and projects for the coming year. In an immediate response, the Director General acknowledged the oversight and promised to expand the composition of targeted groups and institutions in this regard.
Trinidad and Tobago, through Dr Gopeesingh during the General Assembly, has already tabled at UNESCO a concept for inclusion of special needs children – which amount to about 30 percent of the world’s children – among actions in other programme areas of heritage and culture, communications and science and better recognition of the economic, social and cultural value of the Caribbean Sea.
Rampersad was part of the four-member delegation who attended the UNESCO General Conference.
Led by President of the T&T National Commission and Minister of Education, Dr Tim Gopeesingh, the team included Ambassador John Sandy, T&T’s Permanent Representative in Geneva and Ms Susan Shurland, Secretary General of the T&T National Commission.
Trinidad and Tobago was one of three new CARICOM members – including Belize and St Kitts - to join the 58-member board for 2013 to 2017 term, after a hiatus of 16 years, winning membership with support from al UNESCO regional divisions in Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific, and the Americas with the highest number of votes in its region of Latin America and the Caribbean.
Trinidad and Tobago previously served on the UNESCO Executive Board from 1993 to 1997, when it was represented by Professor Lawrence Carrington; and from 1985 to 1988 by the late Mrs. Sheilah Solomon who was recognised by UNESCO as one of 60 women of the world contributing to constructing a Foundation of Peace.

Caption: Trinidad and Tobago Representative, Dr Kris Rampersad addresses the opening session of the newly constituted UNESCO Executive Board in Paris, France on Friday (November 22, 2013). Photo courtesy UNESCO
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