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Creating Hope Where The Air Is Rare. Against the Odds A year in the life of... The incredible year that was 2018 in Review

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 2018 in Review Surmounting the Odds Celebrating Awards
 Diversity Reggae on UNESCO List 
Even as the political world grapples with the inadequacies of its democratic systems (Guyana, UK-Europe/Brexit; USA, and Trinidad and Tobago go into election mode - the list is long); as systems crash from the pressures of not just reconciling diverse interests and imbalances in access to resources, but greed, corruption and mismanagement; as the conventional media world crumble with some notable icons of era of the reign of the printing press laid to rest; as conventional institutional systems cling to decaying walls and structures made irrelevant by growing vitality of virtualism; augmenting the fervor for fake news, alternative facts and half-truths against reality, there are still core strengths, values and relationships that we can hold true.
 This incredible year - one which could have been most static, but with the love, strength, support and encouragement of valued friends and well-wishers, turned into one most eventful for our global interconnections in this roadmap of actions to end poverty, promote quality education and lifelong learning, thrive for gender equity, enhance cultural and social inclusion, environmental conservation that will allow for healthy lifestyles, clean air, water, oceans, sanitation, inclusive cities, partnerships. It takes one plus many other ones as the globe tap into our local actions, for indeed all global actions are first local.Our LiTTributes moved into North America - USA and Canada - proving relevance and adaptability in our drive to bridge cultural divides. Reaching out into the diaspora, to touch communities also grappling with issues of belonging and adaptation. Resource permitting, we will maintain our face to face, while we consolidate and expand our virtual interactions into a go to portal that promotes global understanding and communication about our interconnected connections. 
The year began with a January pre-Carnival farewell to former President Professor George Maxwell Richards ( who, with his wife, Dr Jean Ramjohn Richards kept their doors and hearts open to lend unstinting endorsement and support for our literary, education and outreach endeavours. Professor Richards was but a remote figure as Principal in my under graduate years at UWI, but became a ready patron as President to my literary campaign which also received the unstinting support of Nobel Laureate Derek Walcott and our drive to encourage literacy and develop a literary sensibility with the offer of literary prizes and a Year of Derek Walcott in 2005.The Presidency might be a rubber stamp institution and the President just a figurehead in the political process, but with creative guidance and direction, it can be a conscientious social force.

InterCultural Understanding and Local to Global Partnerships
LiTTributes continue to spread its wings as it evolves into a framework for connecting strands of journalism, oral and literary culture and community outreach for a pioneering initiative in journalism-in-action.  Now established is their adaptability and relevance to migrant communities grappling with issues of belonging, settlement, adaptation, inclusion, respect, appreciation of diversity, bridging and intergenerational divide as we engage with youth and empower communities towards achieving sustainable human development targets in the global goals.
There were beautiful surprises, too, in the appearance of my infant teacher, Miss Olive, who had since migrated, to declare how proud she was of my work and achievements as I was speaking at the Mother’s Day function on Mothers, Motherland and Mother Cultures and lessons from the migrant experiences of the colonial streams across Europe for the post-colonial voluntary migrations from the Caribbean to North America.  There is nothing as warming as the pride of a teacher in a student and it is a moment that will fire my drive onwards. As LiTTributes continue to awakening and deepening the consciousness of our intrinsic connections to North America, they bring into sharp focus, also, how our losses, are the gains of others and what we are losing for national development when we push our best mentors and trainers out to other societies. 
More of this as we explore new cross-cultural continental connections in the year ahead.
Additionally, the encounter with Catholic Reverend Father Terry Gallagher, one of the few remaining priests of the aging Toronto Scarboro Missions revealed the appeal of our initiatives to communities everywhere, and not just the diaspora or those marginalised.  As with our stumble upon the tomb-raiders of Mayaro in our inaugural LiTTour in Trinidad and Tobago, there was another surprise encounter at an impromptu LiTTour through the sacred ground of Canada's First Peoples, still one of  Toronto's best kept secret followed by intimate insights into the crumbling world of a centuries-old missionary endeavour in the face of evolving multiculturalism and appreciation of diversity. We will launch our production on that this year. With little resources, but our connections through the diaspora, we hope to expand this thrust in international cooperation in cross boundary collaborations for intercultural understanding in the new and coming years.  

Empowering Women in Leadership
It is these experiences and the decade of dedicated action for increasing the spaces in leadership for women that informed my representation of the value of the office of the President in welcoming the first Woman President of Trinidad and Tobago and the drive to ‘Change the Conversation’ about Gender and Leadership ( as in the national televised interview on the morning of her inauguration in March. It was a year to celebrate the increasing occupation of women in leadership and there was more reason to celebrate when Mia Mottley was elected as the first female Prime Minister of Barbados (, following on the election of Portia Simpson in Jamaica and Kamla Persad-Bissessar in Trinidad and Tobago.
 Even as we celebrated women’s achievements, it was tempered by the brutal slaying of fellow gender activist, a tragic end to the remarkable work of a national award holder, Haseena Ali, at her home signaling the pernicious presence of gender brutality. It recalled previous high profile unsolved murders of Claire Broadbridge (http//, and Senior Counsel Dana Seetahal, both still stuck in the judicial system.
It is all the more meaningful that these activities also speak to the interconnected  global goals and targets towards respect, inclusion, equity and empowerment, quality lifelong education.

Stephen Hawking, with whom I had my own collision, of sorts while at Cambridge University, even before I knew we shared a common defiance of mortal odds, passed in March. He fuels efforts in the New Year to maintain quality healthy lives and promote well-being, and our focus beyond material and physical limitations to securing confidence and self-development.
From Stephen Hawking who passed never receiving his a Nobel, to Sir Vidia Naipaul who did, the world is sadder. In the case of the latter, this is more-so in its inability to face his incisive truths about the ways of the world and one of the finest minds that has spanned the 20th and 21st centuries, makes it easy prey to the creeping culture of fakeness. The insights offered into appreciating his work from the context of his social upbringing, placed Demokrissy’s “Funeral Scores” among the trending news of the global think tanks, hungering for refreshing interpretations of our realities in the face of the reign of obtuse, biased and fake-newsdom.  In his honour and for the previous passing of Nobel Laureate Derek Walcott, we launched an initial Year of LiTTributes to the Laureates as a means of securing our legacies of learning and as key to developing inclusive communities and international cooperation. To build on the successes of LiTTributes, we are inviting further global partnerships and sponsors interested in exploring the impact of these on strengthening cultural connections as achieved with this initial odyssey through the Americas that also advance a range of sustainable goals (;

Natural Disaster Preparedness
Demokrissy kept focus on and became a platform for a healthy information flow in this natural disasters, especially drawing from the thirty years in championing the environment and our natural heritage. The passing of the calypsonian in the wake of the devastating October floods and the heroism of the local people helping each other, spirited my calypso, a Symphony of Snakes, on indiscriminate housing, construction, pollution and state mismanagement. Our portal became a cchannel for information on disaster risk reduction and flood relief. (

Icing the Celebrations 

I would meet President Weekes briefly in September as she pinned on the National Medal (Gold) for Development of Women/Journalism and some light banter during the photo-op on 'shoes that should not be hidden by our gowns’. Under the media spotlight that night, I took the opportunity to point out the ongoing inequalities represented in the deficient number of women Awardees. It is to bridge this invisibility and recognizing what a spoonful of encouragement can do that I have supported several award schemes for not just women, but media, literature, the arts and culture, having been so awarded myself. I hope to deepen this with relevant partnerships in the coming year. It is that responsibility to create a better space for others that all the women we have promoted to high office owe to our society as I capture in my account,  The Walk of Excellence: a life in 60 seconds to receive the National Gold Medal:
A crowning achievement. Cultural Heritage Success: It is not often that we can assign tangible proof of results from work in education and outreach. More than a decade after laying the groundwork through initiatives of the Commonwealth Foundation and its partners and four years after interfaces with cultural communities, including the Reggae Movement and the last of Bob Marley and the Wailers, Bunny Wailer,  on the value of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Jamaica, Reggae was inscribed on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Register. The vision for promoting the seamlessness on a cross cultural platform that bridge religious divides, and intergenerational gaps, fostering elderly appreciation, uniting diverse groups  through culture, where diversity sparks curiosity and interest and inquiry and understanding, rather than tear apart, could not have been better exemplified in these literary odysseys and we look forward to the new connections to be forged.

Discovering New Talent! Fiction & Music
While trying to create and broaden opportunities in the creative sector and advancing creative synergies for young and old, I also stepped up efforts to release some of my own work, including fiction and others in a mixture of genres and exploring adaptations into new media forms and formats, more of which will be released this coming year.  It was a short story, I wrote for my nephew who was the first person to receive a perfect score in the Secondary Assessment Examination and became the toast of the town when the results were released in August, a little over a month after I was informed that the short story I wrote for him was also adjudged a winner in the writing context.

The shape shifting media environment
Following the insights offered on the role of gender and leadership in social change; as Newsday, one of the media institutions in whose founding I was involved, celebrated its 25th anniversary, I was invited to share some reflections. I chose the opportunity to offer insights on the role of media in social change and transformation at a time when the efforts at truth, solid and proactive journalism for social change is needed more than ever, even in the face of evolving roles of conventional media with the spirit of new media. Its on-going shape-shifting will continue to excite and challenge us into building bridges and reaching out to our human family.
We look forward to further inroads in our developmental paths which promise to deepen connections with Europe, Asia - India, China - these coming months, while at home we still pound at the doors to open up our education and other systems to the vast vistas of appreciation of our multicultural streams.

These are but the highlights - and this was all in a very slow year!

Those experiences  would have made my year, but there was so much more. 

It was preceeded by the LiTTribute to the Americas towards awakening and deepening the consciousness of our intrinsic connections in the American diaspora on the vast potential of cultural heritage encounters to education and the creative industries.

Here was the healing touch of another primary school teacher, Miss Marion whose incredible drive and optimism is the kind of  surfaced to link to the LiTTribute to the Americas with the Trinidad and Tobago diaspora where Kamal Abdool, Anglican Father Winston Joseph and  from the series that continues its journeying and will explore new cross cultural continental connections in the year ahead. sustainable cities and communities (SDG 11)  Peace Justice & Strong Institutions (SDG 16) and Global Partnerships (SDG 17)...It brings into sharp focus how our losses are the gains of others and what we are losing for national develoment when we push our best mentors and trainers out. 

Here are some of the highlights of 2018 from Demokrissy: 

International Women's Day: Believe in Yourself:

Can women make a difference to the development landscape and if so how? How can she serve the needs of youth, reducing crime, creating avenues of access for women and girls... #PressforProgress #WealthOfWomen

A Celebration of Arrivals: 
literary genius through song music dance soca/calypso tassa and steelpan...  See more:

Extracts from my upcoming AutoBiography LIFE! HoleHeartedly! 
StephenHawking straddled science & fiction reflecting on our colliding cosmos, thought and an actual collision RIP 

...You might say I was, as he is, motor-challenged myself; 

I become aware that someone is looking at us. I turn. My attention is drawn to the twinkle in his eyes, ...The frail man nods again
... see more:

Women Power Leadership Inauguration of Trinidad and Tobago's
 First Female President Paula Mae Weekes
For developmental policy policy analyses email  see more:

As we look forward to engaging with outer communities across the globe, and connect with other diasporas, through another Year of LiTTributes in the Americas, Europe and UK, Asia, africa and Australia, we recall the association with the Trinidad and Tobago Diaspora Corp, and Chapter 2 of our Florida Expositions will be A Journey of Silks and Spices, Heritage Routes of the Americas A Reading & A Roti...

Its World Heritage Day.
Come join us and hear about the unique creative potential of the Caribbean cultural connections with the Americas through cultural heritage 

Hear about the food culture, heritage routes, the silk routes, the spice roots and under explored connections with the Americas.
Sunday April 22, 2018 from  pm at Lallo's Restaurant in Lauderhill
Saturday April 21 at South County Civic Centre, Delray Beach, Miami
Book Now
Book You Copies of LiTTscapes - Landscapes of Fiction: Limited Edition
Limited Copies  Heirloom publication of our disappearing landscapes and cultures.
 click on you tube video links

Global education statistics suggest that boys lag behind in reading in a campaign  #Don'tForgetTheBoys.
The experience of our boys are different.
Our efforts look beyond the statistics and engage boys and girls of all ages to appreciate reading in  novel ways through culture-specific forms as we promote inclusive societies.
We are redefining multiculturalism to bridge the gaps between generations, between cultures, between genders and scaling walls that create inequity and discrimination through literacy and literary elderly and intergenerational appreciation. For See more:   Enquirie?s email

My Musical Debut: on the steelpan, the national instrument, with tutor Randolph Karamath.
The steelpan and calypsonian along with other national and homegrown village festivals and festivities are featured in the section FesTTscapes in LiTTscapes - Landscapes of Fiction.

Our Creative Conversation - synergies between the literary and performing arts in the spirit of Exploration, Entertainment Education and Empowerment through Novel lenses with music, song, dance, and recitation. Engaging generations. All ages. All interests. Tailor made to your events and special occasions. By Request Only.
Learn more. Next stop Toronto. #LiTTributeToToronto
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Dr Kris Rampersad, author, heritage educator and journalist, has urged the diverse populations of the Americas to build bridges through walls.

Rampersad is on a literary tour dubbed LiTTribute to the Americas 2018 across North America and Canada aimed to promote intercultural dialogue showcase the connections with literary heritage and other experiences of peoples of the Americas inspired by her commemorative book LiTTscapes – Landscapes of Fiction. LiTTscapes has been hailed for its efforts at bridging the gaps among the diverse cultures of the Caribbean.

Dr Kris Rampersad, author, heritage educator and journalist, has urged the diverse populations of the Americas to build bridges through walls.Rampersad is on a literary tour dubbed LiTTribute to the Americas 2018 across North America and Canada aimed to promote intercultural dialogue showcase the connections with literary heritage and other experiences of peoples of the Americas inspired by her commemorative book LiTTscapes – Landscapes of Fiction. LiTTscapes has been hailed for its efforts at bridging the gaps among the diverse cultures of the Caribbean.
The Canadian appearances begin as guest of the Zoomers’ Association annual Mothers’ Day celebrations at the Erin View Residence Hall, Mississauga, Ontario ...for your own event requests email
Speaking at A Celebration of Arrivals in South Florida USA last week accompanied by steelpan music, calypso, and dances, Dr Rampersad told of how these cultural forms were the bedrock of the literary culture. Creating linkages between the two can encourage appreciation of literature and encourage reading that can foster greater appreciation of other peoples and cultures, she said. se more: 

It's our royal wedding of island and continental culture.
Spicing up appetites with creative conversation our LiTTribute to the Americas Canada Section continue LiTTributes to ToronTTO with our global journeys through the Landscapes of Fiction at @Windies Restaurant, Scarborough Toronto this Sunday....
Want to book your own email
What is the role of the Royal Ontario Museum​ and like arts, film,  music, performance and culture institutions in advancing post colonial societies?
How can the media  in both mainstream and ethnic communities better represent the multicultural spectrum of Canadian diversity?
How can we better utilise the vast numbers of cultural arenas and mechanisms to bridge cultural
divides and create the connected world touted by the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau with his multisectrum Cabinet?
How can they better serve the array of cultural communities through the multicultural policy directions of Canada and our ...see more:

Dr Kris Rampersad
receives a surprise visti from
her ABC teacher Miss Olive
during LiTTribue to Toronto
Reaching Out the Diaspora: Migration, Mothers, Motherlands, Mothercultures Mothers' Day in Canada
Cover Girls edge Meghan-Prince Harry off the front page!
Centuries into the women's liberation movement, it may still be everygirl's dream to marry, and to a Prince, but who would think that the Royal Wedding mania that has gripped Canada through Toronto could be upstaged by a revolution!
Toronto is gripped with pride as the city that intiated the romance ...see more
Who was your first teacher? Who taught you ABCs and encouraged your love of books? Tag him or her.
My first teacher, the woman who taught me to read, Miss Olive, now 80 years old, showed up at my LiTTribute to ToronTTo tribute to mothers Motherlands and Mothercultures jogged my memory of my earliest encounters with reading in my infant class and triggered memories that helped me connect early beginnings to my efforts at creating culture-friendly reading and learning materials....
Contact us if you want to become an associate, partner or sponsor. Find out more through our social media channels.
Let us tweak your special event into a LiTTribute or develop a LiTTour that reflects your value to our world. Email
See more: see more:
Who says the Monarchy is not media friendly eh?
A picture, they say, tells a thousand words ... so what would they say of this one, eh, of encounters across the Commonwealth and winning the Prince's trust.
I pause for HRH Prince Charles to finish his walk of pride with the Star-Spangled bride of Hollywood Meghan Markle on his arms to be wedded to my charming jahai bhai, Prince Harry. Looking forward to ... Our LiTTribute to ToronTTo is dedicated to our Commonwealth family through novel lenses of Commonwealth fiction. See you, in spirits of our Commonwealth at our Reading and a Roti at Windies Restaurant, Toronto this Sunday at 3 pm for more of these Commonwealth Conversations, beyond the days of Rum, Curry and Cricket. Oh Canada!

Congratulations to Mia Mottley, another Caribbean woman to break through the political glass
Let's change the conversation on gender, leadership and development. What does her clean sweep of the polls, leaving no opposition in Parliament mean for governance in a traditional two party political system? What lessons can she learn from her sisters in the Caribbean, Kamla Persad-Bissessar and Portia Simpson?
Would her policy and decision maing agenda make a difference to the entrenched culture of politics, culture of business, culture of corruption, culture of crime and criminality, culture of discrimination, marginalisation, opportunism, nepotism and entitlem

The increasing incident of violence and extremism in schools emerged as a core concern of educators, parents, religious, community and cultural heads identified the sense of alienation by migrant and first generations and challenges with adapting to their adopted societies.

The concerns were raised during the LiTTributes to ToronTTo...see link:

June: Expanding the literary presentations: The world of Fiction

June - July: My Short Story, Munie's Multicultural Musical Masquerade wins international contest for its pioneering experimentation in mixture of modern literary genres including audio/visuality/music contained in short story literary frame.

August: Saying Farewell to Sir Vidia Naipaul: Launch of LiTTributes to thhe LaureaTTes  A Global initiative to celebrate the literary and oral heritage tradtions and achievements of the Caribbean, its diaspora and Trinidad and Tobago and the socio-cultural milieu that produced the Caribbean's two Nobel Laureates Sir Vidia Naipaul and Derek Walcott - this folowing initiatives on The Year of Derek Walcott and Tribute to VS Naipaul. As we move into this in full swing this year. We embark on our internatinal actions even as wecontinue to try to raise awareness and sensitivity for reform of the education system and approaches through LiTTscapes, LiTTributes and LiTTours. Send your invitations for partnerships, sponsorships, and let us craft your events and activities on cross cultural connections, intergenerational understanding, elderly appreciation, and inclusion and respect. Email  

In Celebration of Newsday's 25th Anniversary: Featuring the Newspaper's first lead story which I wrote on the note of 'good news' on which the paper was launched as one of its pioneers, I recalled the trials and triumphs of starting the new publication.

Receving the  National Award for Development of Women (Gold) and recap of the The Walk of Excellence in the 'unforgiving minute' of 60 seconds worth of distance run durng the Annual Republic Day Celebrations

An impromptu epic and prophetic 'extempo' of the life and works of the Mighty Shadow, written and released two days following his death aligned to the diaster and citizen response to the October 2018 floods in  Dr Shadow’s Snakess Symphony:

Reading as sedition:

I Read Therefore I Crime: Reading, Crime Censorship Cultural Conditioning and The Sedition Act

Join Our Reading Revolution - The
Reading Room Outside The Reading Room
email for LiTTours
 see video
I think, therefore I am!
I Read therefore I crime!
It is so traceable, so many of our cultural attitudes and behaviour, nurtured and conditioned by hand me down colonial intelligence and practiced by the new massas.
We do not have far to go to see the roots of criminalising of intelligence, the quest for knowledge, and critical thinking, even by the institutions charged with protecting them,would rather expend their energies to seek to criminalise attempts like this to raise consciousness about the oversight and  plagarise rather than do active research and work to get meaningful revisions. So one doesnt have to go far to understand that all talk about building a knowledge economy is all hot air! It feeds a national climate of insecurity that extends way beyond crimes of violence.

December: Woman of the Year

I have always been home for Christmas, no matter how far away I roam.
The pieces represented here tell those tales,...
In a year that began and ended in sighs and for many a sense of despair...

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Another Woman Takes the Helm Caribbean Politics:

The Prince and I Royal Rendevouz Across the Commonwealth:

Heritage a Vehicle for Understanding Violent Extremism:

The increasing incident of violence and extremism in schools emerged as a core concern of educators, parents, religious, community and cultural heads identified the sense of alienation by migrant and first generations and challenges with adapting to their adopted societies.

The concerns were raised during the LiTTributes to ToronTTo...see link:

Our Knowledge Revolution Thank a Teacher:

Royal Wedding in Toronto Upstaged

Journey of Creative spices and music:

From Village to Global Village:

Literary Odyssey in the news:

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