Friday, September 28, 2012

First LiTTour traverse T&T Landscapes of Fiction

First LiTTour leaves Port of Spain for Mayaro via Sangre Grande

The inaugural LiTTour - Journeys Through the Landscapes of Fiction from Trinidad and Tobago  will kick off at 8 am Saturday September 29, 2012 from the historic South Quay in Port of Spain. South Quay is a landmark point of migration - entry and departure - in Trinidad and Tobago’s fiction.
LiTTours follows the successful book launch of LiTTscapes – Landscapes of Fiction from Trinidad and Tobago by Kris Rampersad and LiTTribute to the Republic with the aim of connecting literary with built, natural and cultural heritage and engage communities in appreciating, connecting with and taking ownership of local literature, writers and heritage.
Led by Rampersad, will feature author/historian Michael Anthony, and engage children and adults in both communities.
The inaugural LiTTour partners with the Public Service Transport Corporation Know Your Country tours  and will involve a guided tour from Port of Spain to Mayaro with a PiTTstop (the local term for a refreshment break) in Sangre Grande. Enroute and at both stops there will be readings and presentations on the landscapes of fiction, and entertainment that draws from local community talent. The LiTTour will also pay particular attention to two heritage buildings represented in LiTTscapes – the former Sangre Grande and the Mayaro Post Offices. The Mayaro building features in many of the works by Anthony, who will guide tour participants through the districts represented in hisworks such as Green Days by the River, Sandra Street and A Year in San Fernando.  
LiTTours is intended to generate awareness among residents and stakeholders to claim their heritage while bringing the writings about T&T closer home to readers in the hope of awakening communities and facilitating rural regeneration through literary heritage tourism.

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