Wednesday, June 25, 2014

OverCopulation The Archbishop The Priest The Minister The Journalist & The Vagrant

I must confess that I miss these men, Archie and Gerry. And Trinidad and Tobago must miss them too as what we are seeing in today's society is testimony to the void left by their passing and would do well to draw on the wisdom and experience of the third of the three brothers, Clive.
Archie, as I refer to him to my friends was the former Archbishop of Trinidad and Tobago, Anthony Pantin (Aug 27, 1929-March 12, 2000).
He was one of the pillars to lead opinion that I could lean on as a journalist. And he was never shy of giving me the occasional buff, like the time when I produced the exclusive article on Trinidad and Tobago's first test tube baby, a healthy baby boy, born of Catholic parents who remained anonymous. I had placed the news in the context of the Catholic Church's conservative position on such new developments in medicine as test tube conception (also called in vitro fertilisation) and artificial insemination, and prior to publication, had called him for his input, but he remained, what seemed to be conveniently, 'unavailable".
The next day the article hit the street, and as I walked into the newsroom that morning, the phone rang.
He did not identify himself then. He didn't have to. I knew his voice. How could I not. Archie was on the line.
"Let me talk to Kris Rampersad," he said.
And then he ... for more email

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