Saturday, June 7, 2014

Viva the Empire! Viva Brasilia! #LettersToLizzie finale

Dear Lizzie,
It is fitting that the punto finale of this treatise to Your Majesty begins with Brasil as it would end with Brazilia, a city, which from the hegemony of Todesillas to tortillas traded in its game of thrones football for cricket- the strongest self-assertion of independence-hood, if ever there was one. I'm sure Your Majesty would agree, as you surely have with all of these missives, that if you were to build a post-independence city in the New World, you would build Brasilia.
It's story is as the carpet, remembers, Liz, having received the stamp of approval like global geoparks have Union Jacks within this mismatched recount.
Your copy in the mail,
Formerly Faithfully
From the Once Empire,