Friday, June 20, 2014

When politics becomes poetry

Dear Lizzie,
Reporting back, Your Majesty, that the carpet you donated to Brasilia #WorldHeritage and #WorldCup City, is still pretty much in tact and that is so because Brasilians take care of their carpets. I know that because I stumbled upon the cleaners thoroughly airing the said  artefact in prep for some #MessiMoments at #Fifa #WorldCup 2014.- as messy as the mud bath of Shakira's La La La , all as politics ascended to the heights of poetry in the vision of JK to build a new city to rock and roll, samba style... more ...#LettersToLizzie

Catedral Metropolitana:
Inner and outer tribute to godliness of human artistry... more on Glocal Knowledge Pot:

Sarah's Park
A park in tribute to the wife of the city's founder is itself littered with artwork and sculptures and architectural contours that thread through the city

An Oscar Niemeyer masterpiece inside and out from its reflective circumference to its free standing ceiling and everything in between  more on Glocal Knowledge Pot:

JK Memorial: Monument o the politician whose political will brought Brasilia into being

Like walking inside a spaceship, the planetarium overlooks the national stadium contrasting in its surreal outer worldliness with the stolidity of the stadium   more on Glocal Knowledge Pot:

Presidential Palace: pays tribute to art and artistry

Like walking inside a piece of art, here you are inside the dome and part of the canvas of history and creation of the city... more on Glocal Knowledge Pot:

Chuch of Fatima
This Church to womanhood in the city suburbs is appealing in its simplicity more on Glocal Knowledge Pot:

Parco Zoologico: Elephante, and picnic area.

Ponte JK Bridge: more on Glocal Knowledge Pot: