Thursday, October 23, 2014

Shining light of cultural heritage knowledge over ignorance from UNESCO

Lord Shiva Temple in Cambodia gets Happy Divali present from UNESCO #195EX

Happy Divali from #UNESCO #Paris Where #UNESCO #195EX unanimously support UNESCO efforts in safeguarding cultural heritage of Cote d Ivoire Iraq, and other zones of conflict or heritage in danger.
Today, Divali Day, the Programme and External Affairs Commission of the UNESCO Executive Board, co-chaired by Mexico and Trinidad and Tobago also unanimously passed a resolution for establishment of an International Coordinating Committee for the Preah Vihar Temple which was subject to prolonged dispute between Cambodia and Thailand but which after a long process came to an agreement that found consensus between the two parties and was unanimously supported by the PX Commission.
Congrats to colleagues who worked on the difficult drafting and negotiation process of this and the State parties Cambodia and Thailand for this exemplary collaboration.
Temple of Preah Vijeah of Cambodia via
UNESCO World Heritage Committee

Let's also take pride in and protect ours.

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