Tuesday, January 27, 2015

When the strongest among us are felled For MarciaHenville

The world, the world of women whose causes you championed and the media world are so much poorer from losing you. When the strongest among us are felled; and at a time when the media world is struggling for a moral centre; when the bedroom becomes a battlefield and a fiery furnace; the champions against violence become its victims, we need to step back and ponder. I have been too numbed by shock at news of the murder of #MarciaHenville all weekend ... a newswoman making the news now in the news and in the most tragic of ways. And at a time when the the media needs that kind of boldness bravery and strength. Marcia's warmth shone through her tireless championing of and for the best in us. What a loss and what a way to go. RIP my friend. @krisramp @lolleaves www.krisrampersad.com