Saturday, May 9, 2015

A Happy Demokrissy: T&T Tops Caribbean on Happiness Index

So we did it. Again. The numbers are in and Trinidad & Tobago has been named the “happiest” Caribbean nation yet again. Why? Lifestyle, dynamic culture, booming business center, strong government and, of course, largest Carnival celebration in the Caribbean, according to the World Happiness Report from the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) released on April 23, 2015. Want More. click HERE:
Trinidad and Tobago ranked highest in happiness in the Caribbean and 41st in the world (6.168)I. And that's up 0.336 notches from 2007-2007.
  Additionally, with 15 public holidays last year, Trinidad & Tobago is among the top ten countries in the world for the number of public holidays.

The World Happiness Report aims to help country leaders recognize the importance of happiness and well-being for the success of the world and sustainable development.  Researchers examine 11 areas essential to happiness and well-being, including health, education, local government, personal security, income and overall satisfaction with life. Trinidad & Tobago was also the top-ranked Caribbean nation in the previous Happiness Report, which was published in 2013.

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Machel Montano may be the happiest man alive among the happiest people in #happynation which must include significant numbers of happy women, too, (if one is to go on his video in which he seems to be the only man alive!) Yet this national state of being is not reflected in the Happy Planet Index nor the World Happiness Report promoted by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network initiative of United Nations where Trinidad and Tobago ranks somewhere at number 130 among 151 countries assessed – believe it or not!
But then, Bhutan - the country whose development philosophy is based on Gross National Happiness(as opposed to the standard material assessment: Gross National Product) and upholds the need for recognition of mental and emotional wellbeing of citizens as a primary goal of governance – does not even feature in these global assessments whose methods and assignments of value then become questionable.

World happiness report 2015: