Monday, May 4, 2015

Just call me Lizzie

Dear Lizzie,

Just call me Lizzie: The natural choice isn't it? The name of two of my grandmothers.

Welcome #RoyalBabyPrincess: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate must be so proud, as are your other #family #Jahaji Bahin
New evidence on the DNA link and maternal bloodline...For #England, For the #Commonwealth, For the #NewGlobalOrder ... more in still on its way, #LetterstoLizzie

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Found missing DNA link to my blue blood Jahaji Bhai #Prince Harry and William and Bahin Kate. Complete ClandestineConfessions in #LetterstoLizzie: Scandalous liaisons, concocted birth certificates and fabricated blood ties in our bloodline when our ancestors came west through Amenia from India via #EastIndiaCompany, a perilous and fatal journey for Jahaji Bahin, #Princess Diana, and Bahut Aajis great gran mamas Eliza Kewart and Katherine Scott...In Letters to Lizzie coming soon...

Royal baby: Prince William and Catherine welcome baby girl - BBC News