Saturday, April 9, 2016

Disconnecting to buy local for sustainable living

Anyone know of a local alternative to #Microsoft and some other #software and #hardware technologies and upgrades?
Does sustaining local enterprise mean disconnecting from global technologies?
Those who know me know I do not like shopping and am an advocate to #BuyLocal so I would appreciate info so as to avoid that new #7%Tax in addition to the other taxes already paid on such products because we have not developed the necessary bilateral and multilateral regimes to ensure that locals benefit fully from belonging to a universally connected physical, technological and human ecosystem.
I am sure we have already injected significant investments in developing our own #knowledge products and #industry that would #sustain such activities even as we recognise that we are a self-sustaining #island onto ourselves already growing all of our own food, producing our own technologies and have fully developed alternative local systems to ensure we do not need to be connected to any part of the globe to sustain ourselves or economic or other activity. Of course there are always alternative endeavours to knowledge-driven engagements as joining our hard working friends on the Beetham collecting old bottles for sales... Some of the sustainable living options available....more to unfold here or anyone want to move beyond renewing, recycling and reusing old ideas and are serious about developing sustainable alternatives, contact @krisamp @lolleaves @glocalpot #GlocalKnowledgePot #Worldwewantpeople #SustainableDevelopment #SDG #SustainableLiving 

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