Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Caribbean Wins one more from UNESCO World Heritage

The Caribbean has a new World Heritage Site. The UNESCO World Heritage Committee inscribed the Antigua and Barbuda Nelson's Dockyard on the World Heritage List this week.
Congratulations to the Government and people of Antigua and Barbuda who must be justly proud for adding one more dot to the UNESCO map on World Heritage listings for the Caribbean. The work has now begun to maintain its integrity for the international spectrum to which you have now raised the curtains on the docks  .
Nelson's Dockyard is among 21 new sites deliberated on and admitted by the World Heritage Committee meeting in Turkey before the session was adjourned due to the political unrest.
After more than a decade of preparatory work, Nelson's Dockyard is the third Caribbean World Heritage Site to be admitted in this decade arising from intensive engagement with stakeholders.
It. follows the admittance of Jamaica's Blue and John Crow Mountain in 2015 and Barbados in 2011.
Congratulations to my friends and colleagues who worked within Antigua and Barbuda and outside in the region and beyond in this new addition to recognition of Caribbean World Heritage. Thanks to colleagues at UNESCO, the World Heritage Centre, the international community and Japan Funds in Trust which made some of this possible.
As you know inscription may be a huge win but a small step to winning the battle in conservation, protection and sustainable use.
Looking forward to seeing Antigua and Barbuda help lift the standards of management, conservation and  appreciation of Caribbean Heritage in the region and activate to benefit from its sustainable tourism heritage potential among others.
Recalling here with a with a montage our world heritage and cultural activities during the preparation of the nominations.  ...
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