Sunday, August 9, 2015

A world inspired: LiTTscapes Turns 3 with a Celebratory Global Journey

On its third anniversary since publication, we now prepare to unveil a new phase of engaging Glocal districts and local creative talents and energies through LiTTscapes - Landscapes of Fiction from Trinidad and Tobago and on the occasion of the 53rd anniversary of Independence at the end of this month.
With the invigorating designs for the book and the launch by Sonja Wong, an inspiring cast of children supported by their parents who mirror the potential of our creative th Anniversary of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. The ceremony was dedicated to local authors Michael Anthony and Earl Lovelace, local talent, local design, d├ęcor, arts and entertainment, and local cuisine with doubles, corn soup, a range of local sweets and refreshments, including sno cone, fudge, sugar cake and toulum forming the main fair.
sector and a crew of friends, compatriots and well wishers, we brought the book to life, making the fiction real at the Trinidad and Tobago’s premier symbol of power – the White Hall – on the occasion of our 50
In the last two years’ LiTTscapes moved through realising several elements of the vision that inspired its efforts to provide stimulating engagements for youths between ages 3 and 103.
In its second phase we launched LiTTours – Journeys through the Landscapes of Fiction from Trinidad and Tobago exploring those landscapes in ways never experienced before – making the fiction real.
5-Year Old Saiesh Introduces the Author
The third component was the launch of LiTTributes – literary heritage tributes to the icons and Landscapes of Fiction from Trinidad and Tobago, with the then First Lady of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Mrs Jean Ramjohn Richards, on the occasion of Republic Day aided by an equally incredible cast of creative talent with the help of friends and well wishers.
Since then, we have staged LiTTributes across the region and internationally too. LiTTribute The Mainland, in Guyana (2013) evoked the unworldly commendation with theatrical interpretations of its contents by the Guyana Theatre Guild. Moray House and the independent review from the head of the Guyana Prize for Literature. LiTTribute to the Antilles was staged at the Museum of Antigua and Barbuda with interpretations of TTscapes by the Young Poets of Antigua and a range of seasoned and new talent again with the support of colleagues in the heritage sector.
Children read from LiTTscapes
Later that year, LiTTribute to LondonTTown saw collaborations in London with BBC’s Ros Atkins, the Director of the Commonwealth Foundation, local London-based author Lakshmi Persaud, film director Roy Heath and the London High Commission.
In 2014, we launched the LiTTscapes-inspired LiTTerary Lifestyles Collection.
It has generated blushing reviews from across the local and global media, international journals and publications.
We have championed the causes of the crumbling #Magnificent Seven by staging separate launches at the White Hall and the related Knowsley building; highlighted the ignominy of the natural and cultural landscapes south of the Caroni River as “The Other Magnificent Seven;” helped saved the heritage landmarks of the Ganteaume Tomb and the Mayaro Post Office - the setting of several works by author Michael Anthony; pleaded for attention to the deteriorating heritage building, the Sangre Grande Post Office and relentlessly tried to engage heritage officials in understanding the nuts and bolts of realising the potential of the sector.
To all those who stood by us and brought us to this stage, we salute you, and we look forward to meeting you up close and personal with the next unveiling. Celebrating its third year, LiTTscapes and its associated activities LiTTour and LiTTributes all of which claims its commun
ities as ages 3 to 103, have indeed come of age. Happy Anniversary to the LiTTscapes generations!  
Author Kris Rampersad (c) greets
Novelist Michael Anthony (l) &
Minister Dr Bohe Tewarie (r)
InvocationToTheMuses from
LiTTscapes - Kadie Edwards,
 Josiah and Jolie Wong
Local Novelist Michael Anthony
with Author Dr Kris Rampersad &
MC Jolie Wong
Corn Soup lends local
 flavour to heritage fare
Parental Commitment
The Edwards &Wongs
Local Novelists Earl Lovelace &
Michael Anthony with
Author Kris Rampersad,
 Ministers Dr Bhoe Tewarie nnd
Jamal Mohammed and
Canadian High Commissioner 
Local Heritage Cuisine
Doubles in demand
Musical Accompaniment from Joshua Wong