Saturday, December 1, 2012

A tale of two skeletons

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Hima Gurung, Dr Krs Rampersad, Archaeologist Peter Harris
&Chairman of the Siparia Regional Corporation Leo Doodnath
at the Banwari Archeological Site  in San Francique, Trinidad. 

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The Banwari find also connects the history of modern day Trinidad to its prehistoric link with the South American continent.
If our universities and schools were doing their homework, the general population and the decision makers might be aware of this and Banwari would take its rightful role in on our self understanding and our development path...

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Caption: Hima Gurung, Dr Krs Rampersad, Archeologist Peter Harris and Chairman of the Siparia Regional Cororation Leo Doodnath at the Banwari Archeological Site in San Francique, Trinidad.