Sunday, July 27, 2014

Overwriting the Coup - from the ashes of the 1990 experience

I have never been able to bring myself to love or even look at Disney's  production The Little Mermaid since August 1990.
The light of love that the movie projected had gone out for me on July 27, 1990 and the ensuring days because it came to be associated with the attempted coup. (see Commission's report on 1990 coup here).
I had just left the Guardian's office that Friday afternoon, a rare opportunity to do so while it was still daylight as my friend's dad used to say, as I was not on duty to cover Parliament that day, and was trying to recoup - no pun intended - from the work week, when my landlady pounded on the door to my Picton Street apartment, shouting at me to turn on the television.
I did. The Little Mermaid was running. Why would my land lady want me to look at The Little Mermaid? She walked in, her wrinkled face petrified, as I was about to ask but the question froze on my tongue.
The coup leader flanked by his cohorts came on air, announcing a coup, that the Parliament was under siege as was the television station, and asking people to stay calm!
Stay calm? I called the newspaper office, ready to return to work at the office in Port of Spain.
Yes, the television station and Parliament were under siege. There was also an attempt to enter the Guardian building but the security had warded it off. What could I see at TTT? my editor asked. John, always in control and in command. He transferred that to me. The focus. There was job to do.
My apartment was directly opposite Trinidad and Tobago Television (TTT) on the parallel street and on the top floor. From the corridor and its rarely accessed roof there was a clear view of TTT. Too clear. Best to stay put and report from there, my editor advised. He was not the only one with that idea.
For the ensuing days, my apartment would become not only the satellite report station on activities in Woodbrook and TTT for the Guardian. By nightfall, the building and the roof was also occupied by soldiers, who had the same idea of monitoring the television station. Unofficial command station. The midnightly rain of gunfire from the Picton Street apartment ricocheted off the rooftop and other vantage points the soldiers had on the TTT building. Sleepless days. Sleepless nights. The sounds, the smell, the taste of determination of the soldiers were all mixed into what exuded out of those moments, burned permanently into memory, like the nauseating reruns of Walt Disney's The Little Mermaid on the television set.
Perhaps thinking it would appease the children, if not adults, the coup perpetrators stuck The Little Mermaid   into the TTT transmitter and it ran ad nauseum over the next few days, interspersed with the occasional 'updates' when the coup perpetrators wanted to interject a message for the public or for the authorities. Instead, it soured a remarkable imaginative story of reconciliation of differences and love: A feeling that would persist to a quarter of a century, until a few weeks ago when I was treated to The Love Movement Choir's reproduction at Queen's Hall. I found myself immersed in the beauty, the story, the production, the vision, the imagination and imaginativeness, the designs, the costumes, the music, the poetry. Love returned for me that night for The Little Mermaid.
Such is the restorative and regenerative power of art.
Thank you Bernadette Scott and the Love Movement Choir.
Sharing here some of the photos from the Love Movement Choir's Facebook Photo Album where more can be seen and hoping that these would help erase the memory of some of the darkest days of our living history and soothe the dark spirits of those behind the attempted coup so they never contemplate a repeat, and so traumatise a nation, ever again.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Kingdom of the underworld #LettersToLizzie

Dear Lizzie
It must be a great day in some parts of the underworld kingdom, some call it hellyard, when our security system turns on itself; when parliament becomes a place for paternity debates and politicians question the fatherhood of god; when errant little boys can trash leaders in public places without sanction; when scholars look to police free thinkers condoned by the university and the media is so enarmoured in its own self glory that it only sees itself reflected back on the society...
And guess who's laughing at us all...

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Salsa fever #worldcup menu

What in the German gastronomic and cuisine heritage could rival salsa ...#arg #ale #worldcup...

With some pommecythere/june plum chow


Saturday, July 12, 2014


Muy Obrigado #Brazil. The people of Brazil must b commended for so graciously hosting the world and the #worldcup setting aside your own needs in some instances. THANK YOU #BRAZIL MUY OBRIGADO and thanks to #BRA team for setting high standards in the game and forcing others to improve their act and up their game My #brazil2014 flag still flies high and #Brasilia is still among my top picks among #UNESCO #WorldHeritageCities and indeed among all cities.
May the Argentinian Pope shower immense blessings on today's games and on the Latin American and Caribbean region in tomorrow's finals and for the #MessiMomentsAtTheWorldCup that are about to humble the haughty #GER #LACrulesatWorldCup. Viva Brazil. Viva Latina America and the Caribbean.

Things to Do in Brazil When Your Team is kicked out of the World Cup. Explore Brasilia's superb architecture, landscapes, skylines and horizon. This is the skyline just opposite the football stadium at sunset....have any of the millions of fans at football seen this?

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Dear Lizzie,
Reporting back, Your Majesty, that the carpet you donated to Brasilia #WorldHeritage and #WorldCup City, is still pretty much in tact and that is so because Brasilians take care of their carpets. I know that because I stumbled upon the cleaners thoroughly airing the said  artefact in prep for some #MessiMoments at #Fifa #WorldCup 2014.- as messy as the mud bath of Shakira's La La La , all as politics ascended to the heights of poetry in the vision of JK to build a new city to rock and roll, samba style... more ...#LettersToLizzie

Catedral Metropolitana:
Inner and outer tribute to godliness of human artistry... more on Glocal Knowledge Pot:

Sarah's Park
A park in tribute to the wife of the city's founder is itself littered with artwork and sculptures and architectural contours that thread through the city

An Oscar Niemeyer masterpiece inside and out from its reflective circumference to its free standing ceiling and everything in between  more on Glocal Knowledge Pot:

JK Memorial: Monument o the politician whose political will brought Brasilia into being

Like walking inside a spaceship, the planetarium overlooks the national stadium contrasting in its surreal outer worldliness with the stolidity of the stadium   more on Glocal Knowledge Pot:

Presidential Palace: pays tribute to art and artistry

Like walking inside a piece of art, here you are inside the dome and part of the canvas of history and creation of the city... more on Glocal Knowledge Pot:

Chuch of Fatima
This Church to womanhood in the city suburbs is appealing in its simplicity more on Glocal Knowledge Pot:

Parco Zoologico: Elephante, and picnic area.

Ponte JK Bridge: more on Glocal Knowledge Pot: 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Things to do in Brazil when your Team's kicked out of the World Cup 1

Brasilia is
Brazil's UNESCO World Heritage City of Arts and Culture...Here's some #ThingsToDoInBrazilWhenYurTeamsKickedOutOfDWorldCup #10
What the carpet remembers #LettersToLizzie

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Monday, July 7, 2014

Dana Seetahal on the law: The Law as an Ass ...view..

 Frank and fearless was assassinated Senior Counsel Dana Seetahal but what did she truly think and how did she really feel about the law, her profession and those around her, the judiciary, politics and politicians, the senate, security, crime, family and life in Stronger than Silk Postscript to Assassination

The May 4 2014 assassination of Dana S. Seetahal, Senior Counsel shocked not just Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean but the Commonwealth and legal fraternity of the wider world.
Stronger than Silk: Postscript to Assassination is a 90-minute up close and personal video by Dr Kris Rampersad with Ms Seetahal. ...Coming Soon. Visit our social media for more and stay tuned...visit;,  If you would like to book showings for your organisation, community or country and for other enquiries and support email
Soundtrack: Song of Songs from Album Sweet Salt by Neville Yorke, St Maarten.
A Leaves of Life Production. (c)KrisRampersad2014 All Rights Reserved

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Who Did It? Dana Seetahal's voice reaches out in her accustomed search for justice for all....
 from  Stronger than Silk: Post Script to Assassination   an exclusive heart to heart on all that matters to her including her relentless search for clues, connecting the dots and piecing together the evidence to solve a murder. To listen to clip click on the images.... To request a showing for your district, community or country email

Stronger than Silk: PostScript to Assassination: In an Exclusive Interview Dana Seetahal describes how she treated with the dangerous underworld and the hard core world of criminal enterprise where she functioned as a Prosecutor, Magistrate,along with the more mundane elements of her life.Click image on right to play Video

The May 4, 2014 assassination of Dana S. Seetahal, Senior Council and State Prosecutor shocked not only Trinidad and Tobago, but the the legal world of the Commonwealth and beyond.
This interview gets inside the heart and mind of the woman who was a legal giant in the Commonwealth through her description of the range of her activities, interests, thoughts and beliefs ...

...coming in July. Visit our social media for more and stay tuned...Coming in July, 2014. Enquiries and support email

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