Sunday, May 4, 2014

The price of Independence RIP +DanaSeetahal

Independent thought and action comes at a high price. Dana Seetahal is one of our most tirelessly independent minds and to have it snuffed out so casually is just another indicator of the little value given to the best that we can boast of. It is not only her incessant efforts to balance the scales of justice that lent value to knowing her, it was her rootedness in making this society a better place in which to live. Some warmth went out of this very sunny day. RIP Dana. #DanaSeetahalAssassination  ...more ... and click on image to view.

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Who Did It? Dana Seetahal's voice reaches out in her accustomed search for justice for all....
 from  Stronger than Silk: Post Script to Assassination   an exclusive heart to heart on all that matters to her including her relentless search for clues, connecting the dots and piecing together the evidence to solve a murder. To listen to clip click on the images.... To request a showing for your district, community or country email

Stronger than Silk: PostScript to Assassination: In an Exclusive Interview Dana Seetahal describes how she treated with the dangerous underworld and the hard core world of criminal enterprise where she functioned as a Prosecutor, Magistrate,along with the more mundane elements of her life.Click image on right to play Video
The May 4, 2014 assassination of Dana S. Seetahal, Senior Council and State Prosecutor shocked not only Trinidad and Tobago, but the the legal world of the Commonwealth and beyond.
This interview gets inside the heart and mind of the woman who was a legal giant in the Commonwealth through her description of the range of her activities, interests, thoughts and beliefs ...

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The Price of Independence:#DanaSeetahalAssassination

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Seetahal assassinated

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Dana Seetahal
The country woke up to news that a senior attorney at the criminal bar was gunned down this morning, in what police have described as a "professional" hit.

Dana Seetahal was shot dead at about 12.30 am as she was driving near the Woodbrook Youth Facility on Hamilton Holder Street. Two vehicles, one of which was a panel van, pulled alongside her black SUV and forced her to stop. Residents heard several loud explosions. Seetahal was found slumped over in her vehicle.

Initial reports from police sources indicate that Seetahal was shot about 12 times. Police at the scene recovered spent shells from a high-powered automatic weapon. 

Police are continuing investigations. No motive has emerged at this time.

The high-profile assasssination is not without precedent. In 1995, former attorney general Selwyn Richardson was assassinated by unknown assailants as he was entering his driveway at the end of his working day.

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