Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Bridging Worlds: Callaloo - The Melting Pot Trinidad and Tobago

At 15.25 minute to 18.40, I describe the multicultural nature of the cuisine and the representation of diversity, both in the distinctive identity and flavours, but also in borrowing and blending flavours of the cuisine of other ethnicities.

'Callaloo: The Melting Pot' is the story of Indians living in Trinidad and Tobago, a multi-ethnic, multi-racial nation in the Southern Caribbean, which is inhabited by a diverse set of people, marred by a painful history of imperialism, slavery and migration. A riveting mix of assorted cultures, the place upholds a highly globalized, yet indigenous identity that is critical to its growing collaboration with India in various sectors of development. The film explores the socio-cultural vibrancy of Trinidad and Tobago's Indian diaspora and its indispensable contribution to the evolution of the nation and its economy and culture. The film also looks at the growing potential for investment and commerce with India, with which, it is also bound by a myriad cultural influences in art, music, fashion, films and food.