Monday, April 26, 2021

My new short film, One Night to Bloom, pioneers a new literary genre, the Multimedia Micro Epic.

It snapshots my story and journey aligned to small island and global developmental issues culminating in the Pandemic.

The genre, the ‘multimedia micro epic’ was screened at my session ‘Globalisation in Reverse’ at Interchagne21, hosted by the British Council for the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission. read mre at the GloCal Knowledge Pot

Monday, November 9, 2020

Biden Harris From Orange to MultiColoured American - Silver Lining or Global Rainbow US election post mortem

The colour question surfaces as one of the most pernicious issues in the 2020 US Elections. 

What novelties emerge from the changing of the guards in the US Elections?

Demokrissy begins introspection and projections on the challenges ahead and implications for multiculturalism gender under President and Vice President-elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, respectively  implications of diasporic reach India, Africa, Americas, Caribbean, Europe ... insights from LiTTributes to the Americas and beyond.

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Another step beyond the Glass Ceiling.. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Education Creative Economy Culture & MASKS OF SATIRE RIP SIR KEN ROBINSON

A decade and a half ago I shared a platform with Sir Ken Robinson in the embryonic movement to advance the Creative sector through revisioning accounting, education, outreach, media and the creative arts. The imperatives for Novel approaches to #Education with the novel challenges of the #NovelCoronaVirus in the #PostPandemicPlanet evokes the reflections on this piece inspired by the foundational work we began in propelling the #creativeeconomy and the pitfalls therein for our developing economies at the #WorldSummit on #Arts and #Culture and the aftermath of #SirKenRobinson on his passing as we project on how we may move beyond the kiff kaff laughter towards effective and meaningful creative #development that would envelop #socialinclusion and #cohesion more presentations #webinars #seminars #workshops on request at the #Academy and #MultimediaGalleriesat the Glocalknowledgepot Sir Ken Robinson WorldWeWantPeople
The challenges facing education, the arts, culture and media for survi
val into the post pandemic planet inspires this recollection on the encounter and reencounter with education luminary Sir Ken Robinson.
The presentation on the prospects for the creative economy, revisioning accounting and representation still holds as we address the challenges of the post pandemic planet. For more visit

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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

The Politics of Disempowerment & the Inheritance from Independent Colonials

The Challenge of countries previously ruled despotically, as colonies, and now navigating through new-found independent status with no long-established institutions or freedoms, they allowed for information to easily be manipulated or commandeered by power groups. Demokrissy reflects on 58 years of Independence from Colonial Rule and the realities confronting developing societies in not just post colonial period but now projecting to the post pandemic planet. Read more at the Academy at GloCal Knowledge Pot linked here
Demokrissy remains the go to consultative platform on issues affecting the developing world, small island states and the underprivilenged, marginalised, disenfranchised and dispossessed. For more analyses, and to request webinars, seminars, workshops, courses, analyses and perspectives See parent site at the GloCaL Knowledge Pot linked here

The MultiCultural Face of Politics

Over the years Demokrissy has become a platform for reliable and incisive analyses on interlocking global phenomenon. This analysis of the recent national elections show the vast discrepancies in interpreting data by conventional benchmarks. The picture is entirely different when the diversity and other demographics are taken into account. It is telling in how media representations shape public opinion and the climate of in/stability, violence, discrimination and other tangental socio-cultural and economic conditions. For details go to the Academy at the GloCal Knowledge Pot  linked here.
Dr Kris Rampersad is an independent international sustainble development researcher, educator and heritage specialist. For analyses, webinars, semianrs, workshops and courses contact at Academy at the GloCal Knowledge Pot  linked here.

Monday, August 10, 2020

Suffrage Literarily

Suffrage Literarily from
 Encyclopedia Literaria 
Ever wondered what Suffrage means in a banana or other fructoid republic? Reinterpretation traditional into contemporary phenomenon see Suffrage Literarily in Encyclopedia Literaria at the GloCaLKnowledgePot read more in link

The 2020 Pandemic Polls and the challenges facing the winner

Masks and shields accompanined stained ink fingers in the 2020 Pandemic Polls to acccomodate voting in a time of Novel Corona Virus COVID-19.

What does the 2020 Pandemic Polls hold in store? This would unfurl in the next few hours. The reportedly heavy voter turn out already suggests how pivotal the population views these polls as some 125 candidates view for 41 seats in the Parliament's House of Representatitives. But the challenges remain for whoever take the helm henceforth into the Post Pandemic Planet.
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My new short film, One Night to Bloom, pioneers a new literary genre, the Multimedia Micro Epic. It snapshots my story and journey aligned t...